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Patricia is a Certified and Licensed Teacher/Educator and also a certified hair colorist.


As an Aveda Concept Salon, Aveda Hair Color is used for optimum results. There is an extra charge when using more than one color formula to achieve the desired results or if the hair is extra thick or long. Highlights include various techniques used to create a look for your individual wants, needs, and style. Prices can vary depending on additional time or product used for this service.


Color services include shampooing, healthy customized color treatment, conditioning, hairdrying. Styling hair requires an extra charge.

Color Refresh & Balancing

Color Refresh with Sparkle Lights

Demi-Permanent Color

Grey Reduction

Multiple Color Foil

French Balayage Hi-lights

Focus Foil Hi-lights

Color Correction

Accent Hi-lights

Pre-Bleach and Tone

Polish and Brightening








by Consultation




Color touch-up appointments exceeding normal time and/or using excessive product will result in an additional charge.

Consultations are always required for:

  • 1st Time Coloring Corrective Hair
  • Hi-light Accent
  • Signature Color

A special Roller-Ball Circular Infrared Processor is used to orbit your hair application making five rotations per minute at 60 Hz. The relaxing, warm, therapeutic infrared heat is precisely applied when coloring, perms or other drying applications are performed. The self-diagnosing system contains an infrared sensor that ensures optimal positioning. We no longer use the former hair-stressing electric heat that needed constant client time-consuming monitoring to avoid over or under processed color.


We now measure time to complete perfect hair color in minutes rather than hours. Hair color process time is completed in ten minutes rather than the usual thirty to forty five minutes.


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4 Park Avenue

Swarthmore, PA 19081